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Kim Hyun Joong revealed a stories about his first love and romance with a And before heading to high school, he was finally able to start dating her, he said.
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Hyun Joong was so nervous doing so!! He was so cute and naive!!! In the up-coming City Conquest, we shall see how Hyun Joong matures in the romantic scenes in this drama.

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The latest stills that we have seen so far was the embrace that showed a lot of emotional tears from Hyun Joong. I have seen some photos of Hyun Joong from different dramas embracing his leading lady , and the difference was quite obvious that in this drama City Conquest, the embracing scene was so emotional and tightness in the act of embrace was rather matured than the other two scenes from the previous dramas.

It also perceive like a farewell embrace that seem Baek Mir could not let go of his lover!! A few days ago I read a short post at twitter saying Hyun Joong shall resume his filming of City Conquest soon!! And what we got was a picture of a restaurant owner doing the dishes!! That scene does not include in the drama, may I just clarify that!! LOL Although that picture of Hyun Joong at Jaksal brought a lot of attention to his fans and feeling proud seeing their star idol to be doing the dishes when Hyun Joong is the owner of the said restaurant!!

Kim Hyun Joong had shared a part of himself over matters in his private life which I do appreciate just to fill in his fans curiosity in the most honest way, that we fans also do respect his private life for himself alone. Hyun Joong has his own way of expressing his affection in terms of love off cam. His inspiration and strength, that is what we are to Hyun Joong as we value how he sees us, we stay by his side in his journey to stardom. We fans are really lucky to have such an idol who is very thoughtful, and caring.

What more can we ask for, we have more than everything a fan should have from her idol!!

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A true shared affection between fans and idol! Kim Hyun Joong in his dramas portraying different characters as a lover having one common ground in the eyes of his fans, as we see him as a Romantic Prince in our heart. A true partnership sharing affection with love and support in our Romantic Prince…. This man is awesome in many ways. How the way he talk, and answered the question is all come from his heart and his mind with sincerely. We can feel his pain,his happines through his eyes, his words. See you sis,god bless. Lazer do you happen to know why??? Thanks for holding back the word hahahaha!!!

Hyun Joong did not say they were relatives, he just said they have the same family names. Being relatives till the second generation can not marry, meaning if the couple are first or second cousins can not marry. It is the same here in US where our religion is Christian.

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If you are unable to be together consistently, growing apart as he stated happens naturally. I think it was her decision. I think it takes a special person… which Hyun Joong is… but, maybe she was not. It is sad though… poor baby! Yes… i meant to add that extra zero! Thus, they had to part ways.

So, this is possible. May i ask where you got the info? Hey thanks for the info, have a nice day!! Oh I just read sometime after PK that even if their surnames are both Kim, they are not of the same lineage. I think this will best. Thank you so much and see you again have a great weekend! What a nice article, dear Lazer! I know what SS vid u r talking about, he seemed so sad talking about it D: I like kissing the hot way in real life hahahaha xD Korean drama kisses are not my cup of tea xD I swear when I see awkward kissing faces it turns so disgusting xD The other day my friend mentioned the kiss in the rain in PK xd and I swear it could have been better!

Kim Hyun Joong admits he hit girlfriend

I bet HJ thought so too! They seem to be so fake and ewww xD straight-forward things are easier and clearer: XD Have a wonderful day!!! Hi LZ another detailed dose about him once again.. LOL Eloisa ever dear!! LOL Thanks sis see you again!! Lazer made you confuse even more with my name.. LOL I woke this morning same as you laughing!! LOL and still am!! He deserves to be loved by a true lover.

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Thanks for sharing this clip, why is he so handsome in this video even in the picture from this same event is different!! Thank you so much!! He is so sincere, and he is so driven. He will accomplish his goals and he will not settle for a relationship he cannot commit himself to wholeheartedly. Both might be married by that time… but, this is how I see it. KHJ is going to mirror his mentor.

Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Personal Love Stories

Defintely HJ will have his own thrown he said that, he will have his own identity. Me too I want him to have his own through his own effort. I want him to have his own title. BYJ is already a legend and no one will take that from him or his fans will not allow it. I know Hyun Joong is his own person… I just think the two are so perfectly fated together that BYJ would trust his company to Hyun Joong if that were to be the way things turned out!

I think they are both their own person, definitely, but very much alike in some key areas. Please take care of yourself, have some rest. You are not allowed to get sick!! Get well soon please. Still unnie can find me throgh my ava. Have a beautiful day unnie.. LOL Yeah now I noticed for the first time your ava got a band aid in you mouth hahahahahahaha I shall remember that!!!!

First thing first, i wanna thanks to you for posting this nice, touching article. Truly have no idea how I fell while read this. Whoever the girl he loved must be so very lucky. No words can describe whatever he feels but he makes sure his love one feels his love in his own little way. Oh yes we are the lucky girls!!! LOL He gives all his time for us, so when the time comes he finally finds his trul love then we have to let go and give him that space but our support will remain. Thank you so much, have a happy day!

Hi LK, great article!! It could be my imagination though, but i sense pain and regret in his eyes… I always end up wishing hyun joong reunite with his first love. LOL and honestly speaking your guess is as good as mine! Why do we have the same thoughts??? Thank you so much, have a romantic day!! LOL take care and see you again!! His first love as i understand belongs to the same line of Kims as he does so they had to part ways.

I hope you can get your lost two years back. Did Kim use violence against his girlfriend unilaterally and repeatedly? Kim then lost control of his temper and beat her, they said. I have no reason to be beaten.

I am sorry that you were bruised and hurt. Hope you get better soon.

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Kim had a fan meeting in Japan the following day and sent the apologetic message to his girlfriend the next morning. The investigation by the authorities will clarify whether or not violence as claimed by the woman was used in their fight, but the very accusation of him physically abusing a woman will tarnish his until-now gentle image.

Kim is to be called by the police for questioning around the time of his return to Korea on Aug. By Ock Hyun-ju laeticia.